About Baker Installations
Our Organization

The Baker Mission

At Baker Installations, we strive to build consumer confidence every day. Our focus is on consistent superior service, which means providing a high level of professionalism and demonstrating a commitment to quality.

Company Story

In 1976, Fred Baker formed Baker Installations. Through the years, Baker Installations set the standard for quality and advanced the industry through its development of new installation and training processes. 

More than four decades later, Baker Installations has demonstrated its excellence by retaining its original client base - evidence of its dedication to long-term client relationships. We also have increased market share with new clients and continue to expand with operations in many states.

Our ability to meet the growing requirements of the rapidly-changing telecommunications industry has kept us in demand among decision makers at every level from the corporation to the household. Baker Installations is the "partner of choice" for installation of video, voice, data, networking and security systems.

In 1999, Baker Installations received the Arthur Andersen Best Practices Award in the category of Motivating and Retaining Employees. This honor highlights Baker Installations’ practice of advancing and optimizing the performance of its team members.