About Baker Installations
The Baker Difference

To best serve our clients, Baker Installations will thoroughly research and explore the current status to determine the scope and potential of each project. Each client will be presented with a customized approach that is both efficient and effective. Projects large and small are backed by our dedicated team of certified installations experts who complete each project with detailed customer education. We’ll have you up and running or back to business on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance Program

Baker's commitment to consumer confidence is never more evident than in its Quality Assurance Program. Our internal quality inspections examine and document the work of all our technicians. We track the completion percentages for each project so that we are meeting critical project milestones, and as a double measure, our technicians go a step beyond to integrate the client's own quality performance metrics into the program. We even incorporate client feedback into our training and development program to maximize any and all learning opportunities.

Client Responsiveness

When you partner with Baker, you receive the full impact of our service capabilities.  Our continued growth at Baker has enabled us to deploy resources from multiple locations. On-site, local management and technicians provide focused local support. If you're a homeowner looking for a quick response or a corporate executive looking to accelerate a growing region, Baker will be there.