Baker Installations Services
Services for small businesses and homeowners

You may be the president or CEO of your own small business, or maybe you're simply the king of your castle. Baker delivers the fast connection, clear picture, robust sound, and even reliable protection that home and business owners desire within the budget they require.

Business owners

Creating a better experience for your customers involves more than providing excellent service. In today's high-speed, competitive marketplace, you need the right cabling system in place to help all of your other network components function at their best. Let Baker help you create an atmosphere of connectivity through the installation of your data lines, fiber optic cabling, wireless networks, and VOIP, phone and voice mail systems. Show your customers that you're at the top of the game.

Home owners

The comforts of home are no longer defined by the softness of the sofa cushions.  Today's highly-connected, state-of-the-art, latest and greatest mentality raises our expectations for what our homes can do for us.  Baker provides trustworthy broadband installation of your personal voice, video and data networks for a price that's also comfortable.